Bogie’s Story

 Bogie’s Story Bogie’s story began in the spring of 1990 when it was founded by two native Memphians looking to bring a taste of the East coast’s famous delicatessens to the Mid-South. Robert and Elizabeth Renfro were well acquainted with the New York style delis, which they had been enjoying for 20 years in the Virginia Beach area.

They realized that a need existed in Memphis for just such a place; a restaurant offering the best delicatessen meats, cheese and condiments available. They choose Boar’s Head Brand products from Brooklyn, New York, as a foundation, and then searched the Mid-South for the best New York style French rolls, homemade sliced rye, wheat and white breads available to compliment the extraordinary products from Boar’s Head.

The Renfros decided early on to accept only the freshest homegrown produce for their sandwiches and salads; they were offering premium products to their customers and only the best would do. They chose their own family recipes for the soups and salads they would offer, items which would have to be made fresh every day for their customers.

This “fresh” tradition, started by the Renfro’s, is still in effect today in the kitchens of Bogie’s. All across town; whole, farm raised chicken breasts are still boiled every morning for our famous Chicken Salad; the broth is then used as the base for our Chicken Pasta and Chicken Wild Rice soups. Fresh water bagels are prepared and baked daily in our kitchen, providing our customers the moistest, freshest, and most delicious bagels available in the Memphis area. Elizabeth and her mother created wonderful homemade desserts for the restaurant: brownies, lemon squares, key-lime squares and fresh cookies are still baked daily in our restaurants from the very same recipes. And of course, our deli’s slicers spin constantly slicing the freshest Boar’s Head meats and cheeses for our delicious sandwiches.

So come in and enjoy the freshest, most delicious culinary treats available from a delicatessen in Memphis.

Bogie’s Delicatessen, where fresh meets Memphis.