Party Platters

Small: Serves 8-12 Medium: Serves 12-16 Large: Serves 16-20

Meat & Cheese Tray

Meat & Cheese Tray

Bogie’s traditional meat and cheese tray, served with slices of honey ham, Cappy Brand Ham, honey turkey, smoked turkey, Genoa salami, Vermont Cheddar, and three pepper Colby Jack.
Small 54.99
Medium 64.99
Large 79.99

Relish Tray

Relish Tray

A perfect fit to accommodate any meat and cheese tray. Served with leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onion, Boar’s Head Pickle Spears, mayonnaise, Boar’s Head Deli Mustard, and honey mustard.
Small 29.99
Medium 34.99
Large 39.99

Vegetable Dip Tray

Veggie Tray

A bite-sized mixed vegetable tray that includes broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, baby carrots, and celery sticks. Served with homemade buttermilk ranch for dipping.
Small 39.99
Medium 44.99
Large 49.99

*Requires 24 hour notice

Cubed Cheese Tray

Cubed Cheese Tray

Combine any four bite-sized choices of cheese for your party platter. Options include: cheddar, Vermont cheddar, pepper jack, Colby Jack, three pepper Colby Jack, chipotle Gouda, smoked Gruyere, and Gold
Label Swiss. Garnished with red seedless grapes.
Small 49.99
Medium 59.99
Large 69.99

Fruit Tray

Fresh Fruit Tray

Fresh seasonal fruit, decoratively arranged on a tray. Served with Bogie’s Homemade Fruit Dip.
Small 39.99
Medium 44.99
Large 49.99

Fruit and Cheese Tray

Fruit and Cheese Tray

The best of both worlds, bite-sized pieces of seasonal fruit and cubed cheese, beautifully arranged on a tray. Inquire about available selections from your favorite location.
Small 39.99
Medium 49.99
Large 59.99

Salad Sampler Tray

Salad Sampler Tray

Homemade Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Potato Salad, and Pasta Salad, arranged on a bed of lettuce and garnished with fresh tomatoes, pickle spears, and deviled eggs.
Small 39.99
Medium 49.99
Large 59.99

Our Most Famous

Our Most Famous

Our classic Turkey Deluxe, as served in house, with sides of Bogie’s Special Dressing.
6.99 per sandwich

Chicken Salad Croissant Tray

Homemade Chicken Salad, served on a freshly baked croissant and quartered into bite-size pieces.
6.99 per sandwich (four pieces)

Shrimp Tray

Cocktail Shrimp Tray

Plump Louisiana style boiled shrimp, served shell on (deveined) with homemade cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. (Serves 5-7 per lb.)
19.99 per lb
*Requires 24 hour notice

It's a Ball

It’s a Ball

Your choice of homemade Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, or Pimiento Cheese, arranged on a bed of lettuce with premium crackers. (Serves 8-10)
Pimiento Cheese 19.99
Chicken Salad 19.99
Tuna Salad 19.99

Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

Select up to two varieties of wraps per tray:
Grilled Chicken (served with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing)
Greek Chicken (served with Bogie’s Special Dressing)
Grilled Chicken Caesar (served with homemade Caesar Dressing)
Southwest Chicken (served with Cajun Ranch)
California Turkey (served with Bogie’s Special Dressing)
Spicy Chicken (served with Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing)
7.99 Each

Sandwich Tray

Sandwich Tray

An assortment of Turkey Deluxe, Ham and Cheese, Hoagie Supreme, Chicken Salad, and Tuna Salad, served on an assortment of French rolls, sliced honey wheat, and marbled rye. Topped with leaf lettuce and sliced tomatoes. Mayonnaise and deli mustard served on the side.
7.99 per sandwich
*Pickle spears available upon request .25 each.

*Inquire about specialty sandwiches.

It's a Ball

Bogie’s Box Lunches

*Minimum order applies. Each Box Lunch includes your choice of a sandwich, wrap, or salad, your choice of side (pasta salad, potato salad or chips), and your choice of a freshly baked cookie.
*Substitute Broccoli Bacon Salad or fresh fruit as a side for an additional .50.
*Substitute a dessert bar for an additional .50.

Sandwich Box Lunch

Try it as a Sandwich

Your choice of Turkey Deluxe, Ham and Cheese, Hoagie Supreme, Chicken Salad, Pimiento Cheese, or Tuna Salad.
Full 9.99
Half 7.29

Wrap Box Lunch

Try it as a Wrap

Your choice of Grilled Chicken, Grilled Chicken Caesar, Greek Chicken, Southwest Chicken, Spicy Chicken, or California Turkey.
Regular 9.99

Try it As a Salad

Try it as a Salad

Your choice of any salad listed below
Traditional: House, Greek, Garden, or Caesar 7.29
Premium: Chef, Turkey Chef, Italian, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Chicken Caesar, or Greek with Grilled Chicken 8.99

Fresh Salads

Small: Serves 8-12 Medium: Serves 12-16 Large: Serves 16-20

Each served with homemade croutons and an assortment of dressings. Dressings (choose two): House, Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Italian, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, and Fat Free Catalina.

Traditional Party Salad

Bogie’s Traditional Salads

Choose from our Greek, House, Garden, or Caesar.
Small 29.99
Medium 39.99
Large 59.99

Party Chef Salad

Bogie’s Premium Salads

Choose from our Chef, Turkey Chef, Italian, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Chicken Caesar, or Greek with Grilled Chicken.
Small 39.99
Medium 59.99
Large 79.99


*Inquire about our fresh daily soups from your favorite location.
*Prices will vary on soup selections.

Quart (Serves 3 to 4)
Gallon (Serves 8 to 12)

Served with cups, spoons, and crackers.


*Simple selections to accommodate any meal

Loaves of Sliced Honey Wheat, Thin Sourdough, Thick Sourdough, and Marbled Rye 5.99
French Rolls .99 each
Croissants 1.09 each
Pasta Salad Pasta Salad (Serves 3 to 4) 4.49/lb
Potato Salad Potato Salad (Serves 3 to 4) 4.49/lb
Broccoli Bacon Salad Broccoli Bacon Salad (Serves 5 to 6) 7.49/lb
Fresh Fruit Fresh Seasonal Fruit (Serves 3 to 4) 7.49/lb
black-bean-salad-by-the-pound Spicy Black Bean Salad (Serves 3 to 4) 8.99/lb
Pimento Cheese Pimiento Cheese (Serves 3 to 4) 8.99/lb
Chicken Salad Chicken Salad (Serves 3 to 4) 10.99/lb
Tuna Salad Tuna Salad (Serves 3 to 4) 10.49/lb
Chips 1.19


Cookie Tray

Cookie Tray

An assortment of freshly baked Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, and Sugar cookies. 1.49 each

Dessert Tray

An assortment of Key Lime, Lemon, Chocolate Chip, and Brownie bars. 2.29 each
Cake Tray

Cake Tray

Famous cakes by Westside BBQ in New Albany, Mississippi! Try as an assortment or build your own. Choices include Banana Nut, Caramel, Carrot, Chocolate, Pineapple, Red Velvet, and Strawberry. 2.09 per slice
*some flavors subject to availability


*Served with cups, lemons, sweeteners, and ice
*Gallon serves 8 to 10

Gallon of Unsweetened or Sweet Tea 6.99
Gallon of Lemonade 6.99
Bottle of Water 1.59
Dr. Brown’s 1.89
Snapple 1.89
Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite (12 oz.) 1.09
Stewarts 2.29

Special Requests

Don’t see what you’re looking for on the menu? Give us a call and we’ll see what we can whip up for you!

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